Coconut Oil is making a comeback, largely due to the writings of Bruce Fife. In The Coconut Oil Miracle, Fife makes a strong case for replacing a lot of the oils we are consuming with extra virgin organic coconut oil.

Why has coconut oil been demonized for so many years?

It was ounce thought that all saturated fats contributed to heart disease. Since coconut oil is a type of saturated fat, it was mistakenly thrown in with other saturated fats. In The Coconut Oil Miracle, Bruce Fife explains …

Not only is coconut oil not a “dietary poison,” but it contains a remarkable fat called monolaurin. This medium-chain fat, first discovered in my labatory, represents one of the most exceptional and inspiring group of fats found in nature.

Coconut oil has been a major source of food for thousands of years in places like Asia, Africa, Central America and the Pacific Islands.

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

[Before the introduction of the Western Diet, people in places like Fiji didn't suffer from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other modern degenerative diseases.]

Unfortunately, the modern western diet is FAR from ideal.

According to Bruce Fife “the more westernized” the diet becomes, the more their health deteriorates. When he looked at commonalities in diets between the healthiest people in the tropical regions, the coconut stood out.

Polynesians consume up to 60% of their daily caloric intake as fat.

We are advised to try and make fat no more than 30% of our daily intake. It makes sense if that fat is made up of harmful trans-fats and hydrogenated oils…but according to Fife, it is a mistake to skip out on the healhty fats contained in the coconut.

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